Home Staging Tips:

When selling your home, staging it is one of the best ways to draw in buyers and beat out your competition. In a buyer’s market, you will need every advantage to sell your home for a decent sale price, so it’s extra important to stage your home effectively.
shutterstock_212939869It Starts With Curb Appeal

It all starts with curb appeal. Buyers will have a vision in their mind of what the inside looks like from what they see from the curb. Go out to the curb of your house and look at what “jumps” out at you. Have friends give you their honest opinion as well. Keeping your lawn mowed and nicely edged is a must. Adding fresh mulch to your existing flower/plan beds can go a big way. Clear away all of the spider webs and trim trees and bushes. Adding a new, high-quality welcome mat is well worth the $20.

Clean and Clear

Make the house sparkle. Think super clean where your mother and mother-in-law are coming into town for a visit. Mop, dust, vacuum and wash the windows. Next is to depersonalize your home. Buyers do not want to see excessive photos, collections, personal awards, or electronics. Lastly, small odors lingering around the house can deter buyers very quickly. Open up windows and turn on fans.

Lighten It Up!

Turn on all the lights in your home. If your light fixtures are old and dated, consider renewing the look of your home by replacing them with more recent style with proper lighting.

90_1545_Tryon_Road90_mlsStaging for Conversation

Stage your home in a conversational way, if it’s not already. People are generally spending more time in their kitchens, in addition to living room and family rooms so it’s important to think about the entire house and how to maximize it’s potential to attract as many buyers as possible.

Home Staging Benefits

Staging your home forces you to organize and de-clutter. Clearing away shelves, closets, and cabinets is a big part of the process. This also helps when it comes to you moving because you get a head start on the “spring cleaning” and packing. Staging your home also helps increase the likeliness of selling your home and well as reduce the time on the market. Staging your home isn’t all that goes into selling your home but it is a big factor.